Monday, 13 May 2013

How to become a certified Master Chef in Tasmania

To be a master chef is like cooking, it requires the right amount of heat, right time for boiling and the right ingredients. Let’s put it this way, to be a certified one, you need to find the right school that offers trainings, courses and has the best trainers that produce superior skilled and passionate chefs.

The first step is to look for the best Chef School Tasmania that offers Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) and check the school’s qualification/s. The school and the course should be nationally recognized to assure the quality of training. Check the school facility and choose the only one that conducts culinary classes Tasmania in the best custom-built training spaces. Do a back-ground check on the trainers or the people behind everything to be certain that you only learn from the experts. Mentors involvement is very important in developing chef’s skills and talent for they serve as moulders of world-class hospitality in Tasmania.

The best school should also mix their students with other aspiring industry leaders in class and at events, excursions and competitions, for them to build their own connections, networks and relationships to other practitioners and influencers in hospitality industry. In hospitality industry no man is an island, you should learn to interact and socialize with others to gain partnerships or strong business relationship with other leaders and practitioners.

The training duration usually varies, depending on your skills and experiences in Commercial Cooking. The people who are new in the industry need 3 years to complete the Commercial Cookery Apprenticeship and Chef courses in Tasmania. But if you have prior experience, you must apply for Recognition of Prior learning and take Gap Training for classes that will fill in any gaps in your skills and knowledge.

To be the best does not only require you to go in a good school and finish the courses, it also requires strong passion. It only requires skills to cook nice food but to cook incredibly delicious food it requires skills and a heart full of passion. When you have passion on what you do, you are always hungry to reinvent yourself and you always want to do more than what you learned from school. Being passionate is the best attribute that the best certified master chef have.

Be mentally and physically ready. Some exams and challenges may be intense that you may have to deal with fatigue and pressure that may keep you up all night. The best way is to prepare yourself and have your mind set that you have to pass the challenges. Just remember to always have a clear mind no matter the pressure to bring out all the flavours in all the food that you have to prepare and familiarize yourself with kitchen safety and sanitation.

And last but certainly not the least, is to have a good knife. A chef’s knife is always an extension of a chef’s hand. If you do not have a good knife it is like having a computer without an operating system.

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